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Download the MONITOR Manual

Please reference the MONITOR Manual as follows: Coalter, F., Theeboom, M., Taylor, J., Commers, T., & Derom, I. (2021). Sport and Employability: A Monitoring and Evaluation Manual. Brussel: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Sport & Society.

If you have questions about the MONITOR Manual, please contact prof. Marc Theeboom (coordinator of the MONITOR project and chair of the Sport & Society Research Unit at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel) by email at

Summaries of the Manual are available in: DutchFrenchGerman, and Hungarian

You can download the Manual here following registration. 
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The Manual defines a series of outcomes relevant to employability and outlines programme processes which are required to lead to such outcomes. It provides scales with which to measure outcomes and explains how to interpret the data. It emphasises the important differences between validated and non-validated scales and their use. Because not all sport-for-employability organisations have experience in collecting and processing data, we have included an M&E video that explains this in greater detail. The video was prepared by Mr John Taylor from the University of Stirling (UK). Processing survey data obtained from the scales can be completed using Excel spreadsheets that are prepared for the Manual and provided separately. 

The video has the following content:


00:00   Welcome and introduction

00:30   Content of video and resources

00:50   Resources

02:30   Excel file for the Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale (RSE)

04:50   RSE ‘Data Entry’ sheet

06:33   Example questionnaire from the Manual

07:17   Entering ‘before’ survey data from the questionnaire

09:05   Attendance data

09:22   Entering the RSE responses from the questionnaire

10:46   Viewing survey response in the ‘Converted Data’ sheet

11:47   Viewing survey response in the ‘Results’ sheet

12:13   Viewing survey response in the ‘Data Output’ sheet

12:36   Enter all the ‘before’ survey data

12:58   Dealing with non-response

14:12   Viewing all ‘before’ survey responses in the ‘Data Output’ sheet

16:20   Viewing all ‘before’ survey responses in the ‘Graphs’ sheet

17:09   Enter all ‘after’ survey data

17:28   Matching respondents between the two surveys

18:30   Adding attendance data

19:15   All ‘before’ and ‘after’ surveys data entered

19:38   Viewing ‘before’ and ‘after’ survey responses in the ‘Converted Data’ sheet

20:00   Viewing ‘before’ and ‘after’ survey responses in the ‘Results’ sheet

20:43   Comparing ‘before’ and ‘after’ survey responses in the ‘Data Output’ sheet

21:44   Paired t-test results

25:01   Viewing ‘before’ and ‘after’ survey responses in the ‘Graphs’ sheet

26:35   Using the ethnicity and disability questions

28:00   Using other scales from the Manual

28:22   Social Skills Questionnaire (SSQ) overview

29:18   ‘Data Output’ sheet for the SSQ – showing more results tables

30:53   Best wishes

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